Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Best Day (Happy New Year)

I've decided that I'm not going to make any resolutions this year. I just want to have the best days of my life - every day of my life, and deal with everything as it comes my way. Pretty foolproof, right? Just live and be thankful for another day no matter what happens or doesn't happen.

With blogging, you kind of feel this responsibility to tell your readers how the big things went. How birthdays went. How vacations went. How holidays went. How all of the firsts went. How the best days went.

I'm not always good about sharing the big things though. Do I intend to? You betcha! Then, inevitably, something happens and I get sidetracked. Before you know can say procrastination, that big thing happened three days ago. Three days ago doesn't always seem as relevant when it's competing with the biggest event of the last 5 hours though, does it?

Our last day of 2012 was spent at home. Two of our three kids were sick, and because I'm the mom who doesn't mind if they drink from my cup, I wasn't feeling so hot either. 

During supper last night, the realization hit me that I should probably write a little farewell post in honor of 2012 and I had no idea what to write about. There wasn't as single event in the entire year that outshone the others. I didn't have a best day or a worst day that shaped the overall outcome. 

I fell back on my old faithful: asking Mia and Marlee for help.

ME: Hey girls, what was your favorite day of 2012?
MIA: The day we got Helga!
ME: That's one of my favorite days too, Sis! Good choice!
MARLEE: Da day we waked up and Santa came to bring us all da toys!
ME: Oooh that's a good one too!
MIA: What was your favorite day, Mommy?
ME: I don't know. I can only think of days that just happened.

At first, I was frustrated with their answers because they didn't summarize the year like I'd hoped. Their best days were from the last month! How can you build a year off of December alone? Kids and their short-term memories... but then? They're just like I am!

My frustration was that they focus on the present, just as I do. Recent, fresh, a memory that you're still newly thankful for and haven't taken for granted. And you know what? There's nothing wrong with that. I've taught them from the beginning to make each day good. No one day is bigger or better than the day before or the days to come. 

And the best day? You should have lots of best days. So many that you can't easily pick just one.

2013, you may now proceed to rock my socks off!