Monday, January 7, 2013

Game On (Plus a Giveaway)

Quick! What's the best day of the week?

Ehr! Wrong answer! 

I'm sorry, but whatever your answer was is automatically wrong because this is a trick question. The best day of the week cannot be determined as it's an automatic tie between Saturday and Sunday. That was sneaky, wasn't it? I'm such an asshole sometimes...

Oh weekends, I do love thee! Sleeping in, wearing sweatpants, not brushing your teeth until right before your husband walks through the door. Everything about the weekend says "Hey, chill the fuck out. We're not getting paid to do these things."

So, that's how I go about my weekend - chilling. Or if we're really going to be honest, that's how I go about Saturday and the first half of Sunday. On Sundays, I'm a full time maid from the time Miles lays down for his nap until supper is served.

This may shock you, but I don't clean very much during the work week. Sure, I tidy up the living room, bathroom, and kitchen but there is no deep cleaning being done until Sundays.

Another shocking revelation: I rarely enforce my children picking up after themselves. If I ask them to pick something up, they'll usually do it, but it gets done a whole heck of a lot faster if I do it myself. Plus, there are less tears involved. Stickler for consistency? No. Enabler? Yes.

Yesterday there was quite a bit of cleaning to be done and being that I'm um... me... I decided to mess with my girls a little. They're smart cookies, but occasionally, they surprise me and fall for my tricks.

ME: I have an idea! Let's play a game! You guys go clean your room and then I'll be super excited that your room is clean!

MIA: Ok!

MAR: No, dat sounds borwing.

MIA: Fine Marlee, but when the room's clean, I'll get to play a fun game and you won't...

At that point, I turned my back and returned to scrubbing the 57 coffee mugs in the sink. (We've been making hot chocolate on a daily basis since Christmas.) Marlee went to watch cartoons. Mia, sweet girl, went to clean her room. Friends, let me tell you, I was just thankful that they'd left the room without a fistfight ensuing. I was oblivious at that point to the fact that Mia misunderstood me and believed that I had an actual new game to play after their room was clean. 

A while later, Sis emerges from her room triumphantly. "It's clean! Except my bed isn't made... do I have to do that too?" Yes, she had to make her bed.

"Bed's made just like you asked!"

Still washing dishes, "You. Are. Awesome. Good job, Sissy!"

And then, she looked at me with eyes filled with the innocent excitement only a child's eyes can possess. That's when I realized that she didn't understand I was being sarcastic earlier. 

You guys, my heart sank right down into the hardwood floor. Ugh! I hate that feeling - the one where your kiddos are excited over something you've told them, and then you're the one who lets them down!

Needless to say, Mia has been consumed with downloading games onto my phone and new books to the Nook since then.  Even the ones you have to pay for. 

This guilty conscience of mine is bound to cost us a fortune. Enablers gonna enable.

On the bright side, that's one less room I had to clean on Sunday. Sometimes things have a way of balancing themselves out...

Remember Sleek Glitz? Well happy Monday to ya, we're doing a gosh danged ole giveaway!

Actually, a few giveaways - 3 this week, but who's keeping track!

Sleek Glitz is giving away this super cute necklace to one lucky reader! The Winged Trio necklace features a long, layered look with rhinestones, a Murano-style heart, and a jeweled feather.

Rules to win are simple:

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  3. Leave a comment here on the ole blog once you've done both.
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Have a great Monday, friends... and may the odds be ever in your favor. Sorry, I finally read The Hunger Games. Happy Monday!

*Winner for this giveaway will be announced Wednesday, January 9, 2013.*