By day, she's the employee formerly known as 'the worst receptionist ever'. By night, she's the mom often referred to as 'the worst mom ever'. Sounds like something from a fairy tale, right?

High Heels & Dirty Dishes was started in the summer of 2011 after one of those days that makes you throw your hands up in the air and say "Does this shit actually happen to other people?!"  The answer to that question is yes.

HHDD revolves around the life of a family in rural Missouri as they attempt to stay sane and find balance between opposing work schedules, 3 kids, pets who seemingly hate them, and a house that they outgrew years ago. Everyone has days like Jen does - and she's willing to write about her mishaps to help you all feel normal (and maybe for future blackmail opportunities with her children).

For more information on partnering with Jennifer or High Heels & Dirty Dishes, please send inquiries to jennifer.palis(at)gmail(dot)com.