Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Though She Be But Little She Is Fierce

There are a lot of kids in our family. I haven’t exactly made it my mission to be “the cool aunt”, I have tried my hardest to establish myself as “the quirkiest aunt”.

At this point, I feel like I’ve done my part in teaching my nieces and nephews some of life’s biggest lessons:

1. When the opportunity presents itself, always stop to pet cats and dogs
2. “Cement trucks” are actually mixing up milkshakes
3. Scars are cool because they mean you’re tough

My youngest niece, Delilah, is 7 and on occasion she’ll send me a text message. 

So. Damn. Proud. 

Monday, July 9, 2018

They're Obviously Just As Excited As I Am

I know the ole blog needs tons of updates and eventually, I might even get to them. But for right now I'm just trying to ease back in to writing.

Anyway - some of the O.G.s might remember that I've got the trick hip. I've been putting off the surgery for the last 10ish years because surgery just isn't really convenient when you have 3 kids, 100 pets, a job that you're obsessed with, and a house with 4 flights of stairs. 

Long story short - I'm getting an upgrade in a few weeks. 

"Custom made titanium alloy. Like they use on the space shuttle..."

We've talked to the kids quite a bit about what the recovery will be like, and what they can expect, and what we'll expect from them in that time frame.

MIA: Mom did you really do an Amazon search for 'Kick ass bedazzled cane?' 

MILES: Mommy isn't sleeping in my room unless I get to sleep in the living room every night - she snores pretty loud.

MARLEE: Um... we aren't going to have to give you like, sponge baths, right? Sick!

In somewhat related news, there will definitely be a lack of spontaneous adventures for a few weeks. One of my 2018 resolutions has been to say 'Yes' more often when I want to say 'No', and well, it's been pretty great to see the excitement on the faces of others when I surprise them. I'm not exactly looking forward to being the stick in the mud (again), but something tells me that they'll manage just fine if I don't feel up to a night on the town...

(from Friday evening)

MAR: Hey Mommy -  we should do something fun like go to Target

ME: We can't tonight because we already have supper ready and it's getting late. Tomorrow we can go though, and maybe have one last fun day before Mom's surgery? You know, before I'm stuck at home?

MAR: Yeah like one last night of fun WITH you before we get to have fun WITHOUT you?

Sometimes all I can do is roll my eyes and shake my head. I'd be offended if it didn't sound just like something her dad would say!