Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rye Whiskey, Rye Whiskey

I told you all on Monday that I had a cold, right? Well, guess what? It's still here! 

Yesterday, I stayed home from work and basically spent the entire day in bed feeling crappy. Stuffy ears, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, mucus galore. Seriously gross stuff - just in case you needed a summarized description in addition to the mucus part! I went back to work today despite my sore throat and by lunchtime I was feeling crappy again.

After downing a few DayQuil liquid gels, I posted on the ole blog's Facebook page requesting home remedies for a sore throat. Let's be honest here, medicine is expensive and I'd rather spend my money on useful things. Like Kit Kats...

And did I get some recommendations? A'yup! 

Most of them involved at least 1 of the following ingredients:

  1. Hot tea
  2. Lemon
  3. Honey
  4. Whiskey
When I got home tonight, I decided it was time to make myself a Hot Toddy. I had the tea, and I've been drinking the stuff for the last 48 hours. It helps, but only for a little while. Whiskey is bound to lengthen the effect, right?

P.S. You guys, I suck at following recipes. I don't measure & I never have all of the right ingredients so I improvise, and yes, there's a 50/50 chance that my concoction will be a disaster. Like tonight...

Hey there, GC bank coffee mug THAT I GOT FOR FREE!

Mug filled with tap water: The water here in GC comes out of the tap all murkey and poisonous, but hey, we drink it anyway because it tastes like home. Also, I microwaved this for 90 seconds once I put the tea bag in. Surely that killed 5% of the bacteria, don't you think?

Tea: Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chamomile. This stuff is pretty good plus it already has honey in it, so there - saved me a step. Tonight the tea was going to its first adult beverage party for the sake of my throat. Such a giver!

Lemon Juice: Great Value. We almost never have lemon juice in the house because my kids think they need to make lemonade with it. As luck would have it, I bought this bad boy last week when I tried my hand at making cabbage rolls. The cabbage rolls were kind of bland. I added a cap full to the tea and you should do the same.

Whiskey: Ole Smoky Moonshine Cherries.  'Round these here parts, we like to watch 'Moonshiners', and if you're not watching it, please for the love of hillbillies - click on this link and meet Jim Tom. He's sensational! When it came time to add the whiskey, I didn't have any so I improvised with the booze-filled juice from these. Ok, fine, maybe I added a booze-filled cherry too just to jazz it up a little.

I combined it all together in my mug and gave 'er a good stir with a plastic fork and prepared myself for greatness - and that's when Granny saw that we did, in fact, have a fifth of whiskey in the freezer!

Friends, it belongs to my husband and no, I'm not the reason he drinks. You can blame Marlee for that.

But! I topped the tea off with a little whiskey and lo and behold, I thought I would keel over from the smell alone!

Hmm? The taste? Oh good lawd... I'm not 19 anymore, that's for sure! 

Would you check out that stink eye...
Next time, let's not try to kill me off with boozey tea. Mkay y'all?!