Friday, January 18, 2013

Oh, Granny

Granny had a headache today while babysitting the kiddos. Around 3PM she told me she was planning to raid my medicine cabinet to make the pain go away, and at 4:30 I found her waiting for me when I pulled into the drive.

ME: Hi, Granny! Your head still hurting?

GRANNY: I don't know how many acetaminophen you usually take, but I took two and they're kicking my butt.

ME: What?

GRANNY: I'm so tired! I feel like I can barely keep my eyes open!

ME: ...Mom, what color were the pills you took?

GRANNY: Blue...

ME: Jesus... You took Tylenol PM.

GRANNY: No wonder I'm so tired!

ME: Start wearing your damn glasses, woman! That's how people accidentally die!

Our Granny: wears her glasses when reading a text message - doesn't bother to put them on to read pill bottles!


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