Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Leftovers

Someone should go grocery shopping. PC, you've been warned.
It's been a while since I've done a Friday Leftovers post, so for any newcomers among us, here's what's up: I don't cook on Friday nights as a reward to myself for surviving the work week. There are usually plenty of leftovers in the fridge and usually someone who wants to eat them. 

Sometimes we feel like having another helping of a dish, other times our palates crave a different flavor. Either way, we taste and we digest, whether we like it or not - kind of like life in general.

Pull a chair up to the table and feast on the leftovers of my week...

While some of you spent Monday sleeping in and honoring Dr. King, I was at work for a staff training day. Boooo! Hisssss! Yeah, it was obviously exciting... I swiped Jimmy's notebook, and it looks to me like he also enjoyed the training session!

Sick day. You know how when you're sick, all you want to do is sleep and not concentrate on how shitty you feel? That was my Tuesday, but add in a dose of crazy with spurts of half-sleep and half-hallucinations. I shit you not, at one point I swore there was a man in the kitchen talking, but it was muffled and I couldn't tell what he was saying. Also, my house is legitimately haunted, so maybe there WAS a man talking in my kitchen? NOW I DON'T SOUND CRAZY, RIGHT?!

And for what it's worth, Tuesdays are ridiculous as far as sick day TV shows are concerned. Except Vanderpump Rules. It's quickly stolen my heart in the 'Why the hell am I absolutely engrossed this trainwreck?!' category. You haven't seen it yet? Well, friend, just check this shit out because it pretty much captures the essence of the series.

I changed my desktop background from this

Darryl Dixon riding a squirrel. Image via Google Images.
to this.

Cat riding a fire-breathing unicorn. Image via Buzzfeed
I'm 100% professional so it was really kind of a no-brainer.

We had the pizza pictured in the first photo of this post. Let's talk about how that pizza got ordered for a minute though -

11AM: Chris messages me asking if I want him to set out something for supper.
11:01AM: I message back requesting him to thaw out some chicken legs.
3PM: Chris messages me again saying that we're out of chicken.
3:05PM: I message back asking if he has any requests or suggestions for supper.
3:30PM: Chris calls. I'm too busy laughing at this to have a serious conversation with him.
3:45PM: Call Chris back and tell him to order Pizza Hut online and I'll pick it up when I get off work at 4.
4:01PM: Call Chris to see what time the pizza can be picked up. He hasn't ordered it yet. Tell him to "get the fucking pizza ordered so I can come home God damn it!" (Yes, direct quote...)
4:20PM: Pick up pizzas and come home to cheesy, meaty, saucy heaven.

Story over.

P.S. Why are men basically incapable of ordering food for an entire family if there's not a woman coaching them through it? Totally mystifying!


I read the Craigslist Missed Connections obsessively because I live for a good love story ala The Notebook.  Nine times out of ten, the posts are all by scandalous married men looking to blow the guy who showered next to them at the gym. That lone sweet post though? Totally worth sifting through all of the sleazy stuff.

Palis - OUT!