Thursday, December 27, 2012

We Had Ourselves a Merry Little Christmas

Friends, do you find yourselves obsessively watching every Christmas movie known to mankind during the holiday season? Especially the ones on the Hallmark Channel. Yes, yes you do. (Play along with me here so I don't seem like a complete sap...)

The movies are always the same: happy, then a twist, then happy, then chaos, then the happiest ending you could ever imagine. Next thing you know, you're sitting on your sofa - tears in your eyes - thinking "Ugh! Best story ever told! Now THAT'S what Christmas is about!"

Well, this year, we didn't have any twists or chaos. We had calm, and let me tell you, it was absolute bliss!

I can hear Miles yelling "Hep! Maaaammeeee!" from the other room so you're all going to get the synopsis of our holiday. It doesn't mean that I love you any less, it just means that Marlee's probably doing something she's not supposed to be doing. (Mia went for Christmas at her dad's house today. What a bummer, my good kid is the one who goes away every other weekend...)

  • Our daddy, for the first time ever, was off on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. And with that, the happy level shot through the roof while the stress level was down to around a two. 
  • We went to Christmas Eve supper at Great Granny & Great PaPa's house for a feast of ham and hog balls. Balls like testicles, not like balls similar to cake balls. It's a tradition and yes, I eat them. There were cake balls also, and I ate the shit out of those babies too! Country Christmas, y'all! Best part of the night? Going through all of the old photo albums: according to Mia, I look exactly the same as I did my sophomore year of high school. She's my favorite child right now!
  • We made cookies for Santa before bed. Chocolate chip, a mix from the Dollar General! Hey there, convenience! We also tried our hand at Elf Donuts this year... um...Pinterest fail. We sucked.
  • Christmas magic! Christmas magic! Christmas magic! All of the kids were asleep by 9PM and slept soundly until 7AM when I awoke to the sounds of Mia coaching Miles to yell "Wake up! Santa came!"
  • In short, we all got a lot of great gifts. "Mom! Santa brought us all of the hottest toys on the market!" That's a direct quote, guys. "This is the best Christmas ever!" Another direct quote, and one that I gladly welcome every single year.
  • Chris's folks made the long drive from Columbia to GC to spend a few hours with us. Like a total flake, Mommy forgot to lay out our roast for lunch. Frozen rock-solid. Christmas day lunch? McDonald's. God bless 'Merica! Also, bless my in-laws. We've had our ups and downs over the years, but they never ever fail to put love and family first and everything else behind us. 
  • The gift I never expected to receive? A necklace with a bejeweled Dachshund charm. I'm officially THAT lady now. Feel free to compliment me on the diamond wiener around my neck next time you see me!
  • Christmas supper at Jimmy & Laura's? Mexican food. Feliz Navidad! My contributions were Spanish rice (from a box) and black beans (from cans). I love when I'm asked to bring things that require zero prep and zero effort! 
Now if you'll all excuse me, I have a 4 year old to tame and a million toys to put away!