Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Conspirator

We have this bedtime routine where I tuck the girls in, give them kisses, and tell them what's on the schedule for the following day. For example, we might talk about having cinnamon rolls for breakfast or the forecast calling for warm weather and which dresses will be worn.

To conclude our bedtime talk, Marlee always asks "Who's coming ova tomowwow?" which of course means,"Who is going to babysit us tomorrow?"

Tonight, she laid out a little scheme to ease the confusion of rotating babysitters.

MAR: Who's coming ova tomorrow?

ME: Daddy, then Granny.

MAR: But! Nooooo! 

ME: Daddy's only going to be home for a little bit. Then when he goes to work, Granny will come over.

MAR: But when wiw yew be heyuh?

ME: After I get home from work.

MAR: Can't yew juss do evwyfing wong?

ME: What? Do everything wrong, how?

MAR: Do evwyfing wong and juss get fiyahd!  I juss wanna stay wiff yew!

ME: Um... well... I don't think that's going to work...

Here's to hoping that my 4 year old didn't just jinx the crap out of me! Have a great week, friends!


P.S. We got an early Christmas present this weekend. Her name is Helga and we're all pretty much in love with her. 

She's probably the most adorable Dachshund/Reindeer hybrid I've ever seen!