Sunday, February 10, 2013

Log In Failure

Chris says that this is too over the top and I need to edit it.

"It would make it much easier to pay my bill online if your website would allow me to oh, i don't know, LOG THE FUCK IN, after I've changed my password. Two times in the last 10 minutes, I've attempted to change my password and it says it's successful, and yet GMotherfuckingAC's stupid website won't let me log in. TWICE!

And yes, I'll continue to attempt with your shitty website because it's the only way you assholes don't charge me to make a payment (besides mail, which I'm not willing to try because as reliable as your company is, I'm positive that my check would get lost in the mail.) I'd call, but let's be honest - your customer service reps don't understand me any better than I can understand them, which is really saying a lot because I'm excellent with interpreting speech.

Anyway, I need to reset my password. Dicks."

Any thoughts? Too much or good to go?