Friday, March 7, 2014


While going through the laundry basket in our bedroom this morning (who actually puts clean clothes away, right?) I glanced out the window to find that Chris and the kids had drawn with sidewalk chalk last night.
At first glance, all I could tell was that Chris had written that Mommy loved something. Nothing out of the ordinary, sometimes he writes that I love him, the kids, etc. It's pretty sweet actually, but...

Looking at it upside down, I couldn't figure out what I supposedly loved because it was drawn in a picture not a written word.

Long and tapered... looked like it had testicles ... with... urine spraying from the top...

ME: CHRISTOPHER PALIS!!!! Did you seriously write 'Mommy loves...' and draw a giant dick in the driveway?! 

CHRIS: What?! Chicken, Jen. That's a chicken!

I didn't believe him until Mia (in our room brushing her hair) piped up...

MIA: It's supposed to be a chicken. You do love chicken, don't you? I drew it just for you!

ME: Aw, yes Sis, I do love chicken. I hate Daddy though.

At what point in life do you become that parent who doesn't say the absolute worst possible thing at every opportunity? If someone knows, tell me, please!