Thursday, March 13, 2014

Frizzle Would Be So Bummed

{This post is brought to you by Netflix. All words, photos, 
and opinions are mine and do not reflect those of my sponsor.}

When Netflix sent out the Stream Team alert for March, I did a little fist pump to celebrate how awesome this month's theme is. Science, you guys! 

Growing up, The Magic School Bus was pretty popular at our house. Ms. Frizzle - one of my top 10 favorite Gingers of all time - was straight up ballsy in everything she did. No nonsense, major confidence, and always ALWAYS dressed for success! 

Mia and Marlee have been watching MSB for the last 3 weeks or so (these girls, they've got excellent taste) and I knew that if I suggested we play mad scientist, they'd be all for it.

I asked. They thought about it for approximately 3 seconds. Did they want to do an experiment? Yep! 

Flashlight Experiment Supplies:
  • 4 D size batteries
  • 1 small light bulb - like you would use in a flashlight
  • A small length of wire
  • Duct tape

A good scientist always records the results, right?

My husband works for Best Buy and we only had 4 size D batteries
 lying around  the house. Someone revoke this man's nerd card!

Wires before we stripped them. Bonus electrical tape & bulb from a night light.
Life is really about improvising and so is science - Thomas Edison. Not really...

The goal of the experiment is that you'll essentially build the inside of a flashlight when you connect the four batteries with the duct tape, touch the wire on one end to the bottom battery and the other end to the metal on the bulb at the top. If you do this very simple experiment correctly, your light bulb will light up! Whoa, science is awesome, right? Wrong. So wrong. 

Why isn't science awesome? Because my name is Jen Palis and I'm the queen of mishaps, that's why.

Guess who brought 4 dead batteries with her to the science lab (kitchen)? This mom. 

"Seeewy-us-yeeeee?! Come! On!" - Marlee
"Sis, be honest, did you think I was going to mess this up?"
"I had my fingers crossed that you wouldn't. Maybe next time, Mommy..."

My kids are going to put me in the most unpleasant nursing home one day.

For fun parents who actually don't screw up every fun activity they attempt,  check out Kelly's super simple how-to and for Pete's sake - splurge on a new package of batteries in the name of science! 

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