Sunday, March 23, 2014

Life Is Good

Well hello, gorgeous! You're looking amazing today! I've missed your smiling face!

See what I'm doing there? Dishing out compliments like they're daisies. You'd think I'm up to something, but really, I'm just a plain old nice gal occasionally.

I really don't have any stories to tell today because for the last week, life has been pretty peaceful. No crazy accidents, no (huge) foot-in-mouth moments, and very few times have I looked to the heavens and muttered "Sweet Baby Jesus, why are you doing this to me". 

Let's just allow that to marinate for a minute... 

Yeah! Crazy, isn't it?!

I'll just list a few things that have made my heart happy recently:

  • Mia's hair - is it wrong that my 8 year old is my hair idol? She's replaced Jared Leto. Yeah, the waves are that good!
  • Marlee's dancing - have you ever seen anyone booty pop to the theme song from "The Office"? I have and it cracks me up every time!
  • Miles's enthusiasm over everything - just as long as the chosen parent of the moment helps with his task. There's a 50% chance that he wants "Mommy do'yit!" and I love when he's mama's boy!
  • Chris's paycheck - hallelujah for raises! And Chris's kisses - TMI, but so true!
Something that hasn't made my heart so happy:

Eyes, I'm good to you! I buy you really nice makeup and I buy the finest Visene that Walmart sells. Why do you feel the need to fail me? 

I've yet to break down and go to an optometrist, but I know without an eye test that these are necessary. I don't hate them, but I really wish I didn't need them!

C'est la vie, y'all!


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