Monday, March 3, 2014

Dinner Is Served

Roasted chicken legs, ranch smashed potatoes, pears.
I have a real knack for creating monochromatic meals.
Our supper ritual is for the parents to make plates for the kids, and allow them to begin eating before we make our own plates. We all still sit down together, but staggering the beginning of the meal minimizes the amount of times we have to get up to get drinks for one child, condiments for the second, and napkins for the third. 

Basically, our food doesn't get cold sitting on the plate while we run around getting things for the kids when we wait to make our plates - and sometimes we make 5 trips back and forth to the table and 2 out of 3 kids are finished eating by the time we get our first bite.

Tonight, Marlee figured out what it's like to be the mom at supper time...

MAR: I want to sit derr! Wite derr!

ME: Ok, gimme a sec, Boo. I'm bringinng it over.

MAR: Tanks, Mommy! I'm so hungry I cud eat a whole chicken not just a yeg!

ME: 'Welcome. Please use your napkin, ok?

MAR: Okay. Oh! And Mommy? Can you get me some tea, too pweez?

ME: Yeah, in just a minute - I've got to get Mia's plate first.

MAR: But when you come back can you do it?

ME: Yep. I'm all over it...

MAR: Hey, Mommy dis is juss yike a west-want sometimes!

ME: I know...

MAR: And yaw da waitwess! Is dat fun, Mommy?

ME: It's a real blast, Mar...

MAR: I tink you're lying...

ME: Would I lie to you?

MAR: Yes!