Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mr. Romance

My sweet Mister decided that today was a good day for a surprise: he left early for his mid-day shift at work, picked up some flowers, and left them on my windshield at work. 

He timed it so that he would be in and out before I left for lunch, and I'd walk out to my car only to gasp with an exclamation of "Awwww!" before calling to lovingly thank him.

Well guess who decided to stay at the office all day, feasting on a healthy lunch of leftover birthday cake?

Around 3PM, my friend Doc came in and finally asked me "Is that your Yukon outside? You'd better go out and look at it."

Always keep a vase in your office. You never know when you might need it!

I have a real knack for unintentionally screwing things up...

Thankfully, he's totally used to my shenanigans by now and honestly, I think that's part of the reason he loves me - because I'm just a wee bit unpredictable. 

And I love him because, among other things, he loves me.

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