Sunday, January 1, 2012


To kick off the new year, I've signed up for BlogHer's January NaBloPoMo month-long, daily writing challenge. 

Basically, by adding my site to the list, I'm saying "Sure, I'll post something every day on the ole blog!" - and then well...I'll post something on the ole blog. Every. Day. For the whole month of January. Sounds easy enough, right? Better yet, how many nights this month will my children eat Apple Jacks straight from the box for supper because Mommy's creative window is wide open with the curtains flappin' in the breeze? Only time will tell...


The hubs and I spent a romantic New Year's Eve together last night after the kids went to bed. We sat on opposite sides of the room; him playing X-Box, me perusing the Bath & Body Works 'Hello Yellow' sale online. 

Around 11:45PM, I started to pay attention to the clock so that we could properly ring in the new year at midnight. As usual, I got sidetracked and missed it. "Oh shit! It's 12:01!" were my exact words - and then I waved at my husband like Forrest Gump waving at Lieutenant Dan.

Romantic, eh? He loved it. Maybe he didn't love it, but he did laugh and then he came over and gave me a kiss.

I'm not the most affectionate person, nor am I big on the romance. I like being kissed and wooed just as much as the next gal, but I'm just too lazy to make the effort. Plus, I feel like it makes me look vulnerable, and the last person I want to appear vulnerable in front of is my husband. My moments of weakness = his opportunity to grope. Laugh? You think I'm exaggerating? Last week, everyone in our house had a stomach bug. On my lucky puke-filled day, Chris passes me in the hallway at one point, puts his hands on my boobs and says "Second base!", and then continues on his way. Ugh!

All of that, and now I'll get around to the topic of this post: my 2012 resolutions. Some are repeats from last year because I'm a failure at doing things that I should do, but have no realistic intentions of following through on. Others are new ones that I've been mentally weighing for the last few days.

I enjoy few things as much as making lists. Stand back folks. This might get crazy!

1. Health: 
  • Stop smoking. Repeat
  • Work out every day / lose 20 pounds. Repeat
  • Drink more water / less soda. Repeat
2. Money:
  • Start a savings account like a responsible adult.
  • Bring bag lunch to work / limit fast food to pay day only. Repeat
3. Chris & the Kids:
  •  Be more affectionate / let Chris touch my boobs occasionally. Repeat
  • One night each week, have family night with no distractions. No TV, no computers, no phone calls - until the kids are in bed. We need to have more fun evenings together and less rushed evenings together.
  • Teach Marlee to tie her shoes, learn to play guitar with Mia, coach Miles on calling me Mommy instead of That.
  • Find a method for dealing with bad behavior / consequences and stay consistent.
4. Maintenance:
  • Do dishes nightly instead of... I won't tell you. It's shameful.
  • Ditto with the laundry.
  • Actually have photos printed instead of just storing them on the computer. 
  • Clean out my car once a month to get rid of old French fries & ATM receipts.
  • Write and write often.
5. Stop cussing so often. REPEAT!

How'd I do with the resolutions on January 1? I worked out for a solid 45 minutes on this Gazelle-type contraption my in-laws gave me for Christmas. I've drank only water today (minus the cup of coffee I had to wake me up for the workout). Marlee's had 3 time outs today. I've done (most of) the dishes and (some) laundry. 

The only way to prevent these resolutions from carrying over onto the 2013 list is to take it slow. If I make too many changes at one time, I'm just setting myself up for failure. Also, if I can say I'm conquering one thing at a time, it gives me the opportunity to drag my feet on some of the others!

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 I'll be back tomorrow for more rambling! Right now, I need to wrangle a small bald man with 8 teeth before he succeeds in his attempt to open the cabinet and steal the Ritz crackers.

Leave a comment telling what your 2012 New Year's resolution is. Unless it's to stop smoking or to lose weight - in that case, make up something more interesting!