Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mornin', Sunshine!

It's a rainy, yucky morning here in GCMO. Gray skies, drizzle, and plenty of thunder - Mia took advantage of the blah weather and slept in. 

Sleeping in drives Marlee crazy...

MAR: Mommy, can you help me wake Mia up?

ME: Just go down and ask her if she's ready for breakfast yet.

MAR: Ok!


MIA: Thanks a lot for telling Marlee to wake me up by using the tweezers on my eyelashes, Mommy!

ME: WHAT?! Marlee!

MAR: She wasn't waking up and I tried really hard to be gentle, but Mia just punched me in the stomach! AND I WAS BEING NICE!

ME: You don't wake someone up by using the tweezers on them, Ladybug! Christ! Give me those damn tweezers!