Friday, May 17, 2013

Tip Jar

This baby started out as an allowance jar. The kids were going to do chores and each Sunday they would get paid. The money would be put into that Mason jar and once a month, they'd get to go on a spending spree. 

Well, I'm terrible about the follow through. We charted chores for two days and then forgot about it for a week. I blame Pinterest for filling me with inspiration to start things I know damn well I will never finish.

Now we just kind of put our spare change in it and call it the tip jar. Spare as in, whatever comes out of our pockets, right? Mwahahaha.... oh think again! Spare as in Marlee likes to clean out my entire purse and wallet, and I don't realize everything is gone until the next day. Spare as in then I don't have any money for the drink machine at work. SPARE AS IN THEN MOMMY DIES OF CAFFEINE WITHDRAWS! 

Moral of the story - I have no loose change in my purse right now. I'll bet it's 20lbs lighter.

Bonus: According to Marlee, Miles took a twenty dollar bill out of the tip jar today and "cutted it wite in haff wiff da scissaz!" A twenty that Mia got for her birthday - the same twenty that Marlee's been obsessed with for a week. Nothing like owing your 8 year old more cash than you actually keep in your wallet that is currently empty! By the way, Marlee really REALLY likes cutting things at the moment. I'm pretty sure that she cut up Mia's birthday money and isn't brave enough to confess yet.

Bonus x2:  I know that Mar definitely had the scissors at some point this afternoon though because she snuck off and cut all of the elastic off of the waistband of her undies. Super stylish, but not nearly as hip as the giant square she cut from the hem of her dress. 

The tip jar will be officially known as Marlee's Destruction Fund from this point on.