Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Anti-Pants Tuesday

Today was one of those days where I hated every item of clothing that I own. 

I woke up, couldn't find the dress I wanted, and then had a hissy fit of epic proportions at 7AM. 

"Too tight... too short... too booby... too much effort..."

Someone (ok, it was me) didn't feel like doing laundry over the weekend. Meh... all of my clean, work appropriate clothes were pants. Ugh! Guts!*

The forecast said 90 degrees today and I did not want to wear pants, but alas, the pants won. It was either wear the stupid pants or call in a personal day. Friends, I handled the situation like a normal adult would but only because I'm saving up my vacation time for the move. 

And then maybe I bought a new dress on my lunch hour...

The End

*Guts is Marlee's favorite curse word at the moment. G-U-T-S. It's a little more appropriate than F-U-C-K. Especially when everyone knows who she gets her potty mouth from - her daddy.