Sunday, May 19, 2013

Learning About Mullets

We're watching The Little Rascals for the first time ever.

I taught Miles to say "Hey! Nice Azoogas!" a few weeks ago, so you can understand that this is a big, big, big deal!

Cue convo during the opeing scene where Petey the dog rounds up the members of the He-Man Woman Haters Club for an emergency meeting...

MAR: Aw! Dat doggie is so supa cute!

ME: He is, isn't he!

MAR: Yook! Hahahaha he ringed da doowbell!

ME: Here comes Froggy!

MAR: ... Is dat a boy or a girl?

ME: It's a boy. Froggy's a boy. Listen to his voice!

MAR: Why does he have yong hair? Yong hair yike a girl!

ME: Because that's how boys wore their hair when Mommy was little. It's called a mullet.

MAR: A muwwett? Why would a boy want hair yike dat?

ME: Nobody knows, it's one of the biggest mysteries known to mankind.

MAR: What?!


  1. hahaha! You should have pulled out a picture of her Daddy with his sweet mullet!

  2. I have a mullet right now. That's what I get for going to Super Cuts.


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