Monday, June 3, 2013

Home Sweet (New) Home

We've been in the new house for a little over a week and I'm going to be totally honest with you guys - this place is absolutely rocking my socks off! Not that I wear socks, but I do like that expression so roll with it!

Out of everyone, Miles has adjusted with the least effort, followed by Mia with minimal issues, and Marlee being difficult to the end. That kid...

So I have this grand idea of doing a home tour once we get rooms decorated. I took pictures of all of the semi-empty rooms already so that we'd have 'before' photos. Hopefully, we'll do a reveal room by room as we get things finished, but realistically, we might not ever get it finished. I'm fanfreakingtastic at starting projects and not getting them 100% done.

If I never get it all finished, it's just one more high expectation with a low grade outcome that I can blame on Pinterest.

Who wants to see the new house? Damn right you do!

Living room with a bunch of empty boxes and a hot pink bean bag!

We ordered a kick ass living room set (love at first sight) but because these are the life and times of Chris and Jen Palis, they're out of stock and won't be here until the beginning of July.

The kitchen! OMG the kitchen... it is my favorite part of the house! Eventually we'd like to take down the paisley wallpaper and paint the cabinets, but we're not in a big rush yet. 

Oh, and that massive kitchen table? Custom built by hand by Chris's awesome dad, Tom. It's solid and had to be assembled on-site. I'm going to set it up real purty like and take some pics of it because I'm trying to convince him that he could make a living off of building custom wood pieces. This table is BEAUTIFUL!

Down the hallway we have Miles's room which is pretty much going to be bare for a while. Poor baby boy!

Next is a single shot of Mar & Miles's bathroom, which is also the 'guest bath'. I hate calling it a guest bath though because I feel like it sounds snobby. Guys, if you're a guest in our house, feel free to pee in any of the bathrooms. Which ever bathroom you're closest to, that's the guest bath.

Then is Marlee's room. We're going with several shades of pink, black, and white up in this mofo. I can say mofo when describing Mar's room because it's something that she'd probably say herself. You're laughing right now because you know it's true...

The master (view these pics and imagine some melody being played because it's heavenly)! This room is roughly the combined size of our living room, kitchen, and master at the old house. If my trick hip could handle cartwheels, there'd be enough space in here to do them!

Same with the en suite! Maestro! Cue the orchestra!

Downstairs we have the family room/play room. I'm being optimistic in hoping that we can contain the toy mess to one room. *Insert evil villain laugh here*

Mia's room will be done in various shades of lavender and purple with zebra and metallic accents. We're going for a grown up girly look here, friends. Sis is 8 years old and totally mature enough for a cool room! Do you see that trundle? We're ready for some major sleepovers now!

My big girl is also getting her own bathroom BECAUSE SHE'S THE OLDEST!!! Right now it's just a vanity and a toilet, but it's already got plumbing set up for a standing shower. We're hoping to get that in before school starts back up. The only downfall is that the laundry is also in her bathroom but she doesn't seem to mind.

Last but not least, the decks. Or, as the lovely Shauna Hasek has dubbed it - the deck and the party deck! Perfect for drinking coffee and reading magazines (maybe that's happened a lot already), but also perfect for a barbecue.

I promise that once we get a little more progress made, I'll post some more pictures. Hell, maybe even a how-to... maybe... see how I can promise, then be non-committal? Chris hates that about me.

G'night y'all!