Thursday, June 13, 2013

Guest Post: Father's Day Gifts That Mom Will Actually Enjoy!

I'm going to let you all in on a little secret here: I thought last Sunday was Father's Day! I had to double check with my mom to make sure I hadn't been a complete a-hole by not wishing Chris a happy day before he left for work. 

Thankfully, I didn't screw it all up and it bought me another week to have the kiddos sign cards and pick up a new BBQ grill for the daddy at our house. I love when that happens. (PS the card's still unsigned and the grill still hasn't been purchased...)

Michelle from Skana, The Spa at Turning Stone Resort Casino, contacted me about doing a guest post suggesting gifts for Father's Day. The twist? All of her gift ideas are gifts that Mama benefits from too! High five!

Really though, doesn't Mom deserve a gift on Father's Day too? She's the one who ended up with stretch marks. That deserves two holidays in my book!

Father's Day Gifts That Are Also Great for Mom

Father's Day is only a few weeks after Mother's Day, but that doesn't mean this special day for him can't also be a special event for you. As a mother and devoted wife, you're what makes a father happy and secure. The best gift for him is one that he can share with you. Here are some ideas that are sure to please you both.

Fancy Dining

Are you tired of cooking at home night after night, going to the grocery store for ingredients and cleaning up all the dishes? Even though your husband loves your cooking and you love providing him a great meal, getting out and enjoying fine cuisine from a top-quality chef is a food experience that has no at-home counterpart. Let your husband enjoy a new experience while you relax away from the kitchen.

A Day at the Resort

A day out to a fancy resort is the perfect way to mix togetherness with some solitary relaxation. He can play a long round of golf and rake in the cash at the poker table while you luxuriate in a full treatment spa. At night, you can meet back up at a fancy restaurant and talk about all the fun you had that day. Book a room for the evening, and who knows what will happen.

Day with the Kids

A lot of dads don't get to spend enough time with their kids, and Father's Day is a great opportunity for your sons or daughters to spend the day out with their male role model. Whether it's go-carting, a state fair, playing baseball or going to the amusement park, your gift of a day out will give Dad much needed bonding time and you much needed relaxation.

Clothing Makeover

You've probably been eyeing a certain shirt or pair of pants at the store for some time that you thought would look great on your husband, but you hesitated to make the purchase. Father's Day is the perfect opportunity to clothe your man the way you want him. Perhaps get him that pink shirt you know would look great on him. He'll be happy to have a fresh pair of clothes, and you'll be thrilled to see him looking so good.

Michelle Pino has contributed this piece based on the knowledge she has learned while working as spa manager at Skana, one of New York’s finest spas. When Michelle isn’t working you will find her baking, crafting, reading a magazine or catching up on her favorite TV shows. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact Michelle via email at

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  1. I couldn't agree more, Father's Day should be about Mom too!


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