Friday, June 21, 2013

National ASK Day Campaign

I've been invited to participate in a campaign through the Center to Prevent Youth Violence promoting National ASK Day.

ASK (Asking Saves Kids) Day, developed in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics, takes place on June 21st - the first official day of summer - and promotes gun safety in places where children play.

ASK encourages parents to inquire "Is there a gun where my child plays?", and as simple as the question seems, knowing the answer is so important when it comes to the safety of your child. As I've mentioned before, our family does not keep guns in the house but that's not to say that my children don't or won't be invited to play in a home where a gun is present. 

"At this important time of year, we urge every parent to make a point of asking if there is a firearm in the home where their children will be playing. And then tell a friend. Tell a neighbor. Too many kids are killed or injured every year because of unsafe access to guns. This is something very important every parent can do to keep their children safe this summer and the rest of the year... As parents, we think nothing of asking if there is a pet in someone's home if a child has allergies. We are aware of the dangers of pools when small children are around. But we almost never think to ask if there is a gun in the house and if it's secured." 
- Jennie Lintz, Deputy Director of the Center to Prevent Youth Violence (CPYV)

Today, I'm requesting that all High Heels & Dirty Dishes readers take part in CPYV's National ASK Day and ask these questions because ASKing Saves Kids: 

Is there a gun present where my child plays?

Is the gun secure and out of reach of my child?

Have I taught my child that guns are not toys?

For more information on the ASK campaign and the CPYV, please visit or check out the ASK Campaign on Facebook.

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