Monday, March 11, 2013


For those of you who don't currently have children, here's something that you need to remember: sometimes (a whole helluvah lot) kids emulate other people (people who are obviously cooler than their parents).

It's super cute watching a little one teeter around in tiny high heels pretending they're Barbie. It's adorable when they fix everything in sight with a plastic hammer like they're Handy Manny.

And if it just so happens that you love superheros? Well then your heart swells when you see a little boy dressed as Batman.

Of course, if you're at our house then you realize the kids don't give a crap about all of the nice dress up stuff that they have and they just make their own costumes. 

Yeah, that's Miles's typical Batman get up and yeah, that's also a plastic boob in his hand.


  1. I was not expecting the boob. LMAO

  2. Nobody ever expects the boob, but he carried it around like a weapon for a solid 30 minutes!

  3. What respectable little batman boy, wouldn't have a plastic boob in his hand and his trusty sidekick on the floor next to him chewing on something unidentifiable. Seriously!

  4. He can save me any day! He is BATMAN! Never met a hero who didn't love a firm boob!

  5. So funny! Read your blog on Sleek Glitz's FB page! Started my day w a laugh! Thx!!!


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