Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The School Bus Is Like Fight Club I Guess

I came home from work tonight to hear that a little girl had torn Mia's new shirt on the school bus.

As you might have guessed, I was instantly pissed! 1.) Today was the first time (and now, the only time) she'd worn the dang thing. 2.) She looked really cute in it! 

"Mia that shirt is brand new. What happened? What was this girl doing that tore your shirt?" 

"Well she was biting my shirt and wouldn't let go of it...So... I pulled it really hard and her teeth tore it."

"She was biting your shirt?! Why was this girl biting your shirt?!"

"...And now it has a hole in it. And some blood. This is blood because she was bleeding after."

"WHAAAAT?! She was bleeding?! Did she have a loose tooth?"

"Um, I don't think so."

"Was she alright?"

"Yeah. I think so..."

"Mia, do you even know what the little girl's name is?"

"No. She's younger than me. I know that."

Sweet little 8lb baby Jesus... To the mother of that little girl: I am so sorry. I swear, my second grader is not a bully. She is very sweet 90% of the time and would never intentionally hurt a younger child (unless it's Marlee, who in most situations, definitely has it coming). 

Guys, please keep your fingers crossed that my kid doesn't get kicked off the bus. And also that the other girl's mama doesn't want to come kick my ass after school tomorrow.


  1. buwahahahaha.. now that's funny!

  2. hey Jen Im heather mom & Mia didnt do anything wrong. Im a aide on a bus and the other little girl should be the one to get in trouble not Mia. She had no reason to have her shirt in her mouth to begin with. If it was my bus Mia wouldnt get kicked off. The other little girl would be in trouble not Mia. She isnt a bully.

  3. If the other girl was biting her shirt then she totally had it coming - just saying.


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