Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Tonight after taking Granny home, I looked in the rearview mirror just in time to catch a glimpse of the girls raising their fists in the air to rock out with the opening notes of the kid-friendly classic, "Highway To Hell" by AC/DC.

Be still my heart - I was so, SO proud of those two!

MAR: Mommy - SING!

ME: 'Livin' eas-ah, lovin' free... Season tick-it ona one-way riiiide..."

GIRLS: *giggles and whispers*

MIA: Marlee! That's mean! Mommy's is NOT a terrible singer!

MAR: I was juss joking! I'm da one who ask't her ta sing!

MIA: So you like when she sings then?

MAR: Yes, juss she sounz cwazy wite now singing yike dat...

To be fair, I was doing my best Bon Scott voice so maybe she didn't realize that 'cwazy' sounds a whole lot like completely badass.

I wonder every day, what my life would be like if I'd became a singer instead of a file clerk. Ugh...

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