Sunday, January 26, 2014

Go Team USA

CHRIS: I'm kind of surprised that the Olympics are in Russia this year.

ME: Why? Because it's Russia?

CHRIS: No, just... I thought Sochi was in like... Asia. Doesn't Sochi sound like it's Asian?

ME: *hysterical laughter*

CHRIS: What? What are you laughing about?

ME: You do realize that RUSSIA is acutally IN Asia, right? Asia is the biggest continent in the world. Russia is the biggest country in Asia. Sochi actually IS in Asia.

CHRIS: I hate you. I meant Japan or China or something.

ME: Oh, ok... "Doesn't Sochi sound like it's Asian..." 

CHRIS: Don't put this on the internet. I mean it, Jen.

This, kids, is what married life is really all about - putting your spouse in their place when the opportunity arises! Victory is sweet!