Sunday, September 15, 2013

This Kid Done Lost Her Mind

Without going into all of the details right now, I'm super stressed out at the moment. I'm drinking a large amount of booze for supper and feeding my kids chicken nuggets (left over from lunch) and cheese burritos. 

Mom'a the year, y'all!

As I'm microwaving tonight's meal du jour, this convo happened....

ME: Well girls, I turn 30 on Wednesday and I'm not happy about it. I remember when I thought 30 was REALLY old. It really bothers me.

MIA: Is that why you're drinking that big mar-gar-eeee-ta instead of eating?

ME: Yes. Yes it is. I promise though, tomorrow I'll make nachos and we'll have giant plates.

MIA: Yesss!!!!

ME: Seriously though, do I look 30?

MARLEE: Yes. You yook old. Weewy old.

ME: WHAAAAT?! Guess who just got herself grounded! FOR REAL MARLEE? Rude!

MARLEE: What?! Faw how yong?

ME: Forever! You're grounded forever! Do I really look old?

MIA: No! Marlee she doesn't even look old. Stop lying.

MARLEE: Yep... jussssss kidding Mommy! I meant to say you yook beautifuw!

ME: Grounding undone. Eat your nuggets kid.