Sunday, September 1, 2013

Public Pool

Today was the last day of the season for our local pool. What that means: free admission & free ice cream! 

I don't take the kids to the public pool very often because I always end up being the one mom in the water, watching my 3 and ten additional kids that I've never met. It amazes me how easily other moms trust a stranger at the pool. 

"It's OK, girl, you work on that tan and be thankful that I'm not a pedophile! Your bronze should definitely take precedence over the safety of your firstborn!"

Anyway, since we don't go very often I found it absolutely necessary to quiz my heathens before we made our appearance...

ME: Guys, what are the rules at the swimming pool?


ME: (hysterical laughter) Yes. Most important rule of all. And?

MIA: No diving! No running!

MARLEE: No going in da deep end wiff out a n'udult!

ME: Right. No splashing anyone in the face either.

MIA: Yeah, no splashing anyone in the face!

MARLEE: Oh, and no licking anyone at da pool eitha!

ME: Whaaaaat?!

MIA: Yes, Marlee - absolutely no licking anyone!

I don't remember ever seeing the 'No licking anyone' rule posted at the GC pool but it seems like a really good one to remember. More importantly, in what situation did I have to initiate a rule of 'No licking anyone'?! It obviously stuck with her.