Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Do NOT Drink The Water!

I've been kind of stressed lately: 

  • Mia's back to school and 3/5 mornings she's a real peach.
  • Work is ... making me drink.
  • Our new house is haunted just like the last one.
  • I turn 30 next week and I have a giant wrinkle right between my eyebrows. Eew.
Pretty typical things that'd stress a gal out, right? Yes. Typical.

Tonight I decided that the best remedy for my frazzled nerves was to soak in our giant bathtub. Ok, maybe you're not supposed to put bubble bath in and then turn the jets on, but I have the willpower of a small child, so I did it anyway.

Half a cap-full of bubbles and about 30 seconds later... well, let's just say that I had way too many bubbles. Before I could dilute some of the bubbles (so Chris didn't catch me), Miles & Marlee came in and all hell broke loose.

Miles scooping handfuls of bubbles and flinging them across the bathroom, Chris repeatedly asking if I wanted the dog to get in with me, etc, etc, etc. 

I finally gave up on the whole event when I realized that Miles was gulping my bathwater like he'd just returned from a hike through the desert...

"Oh sick, Miles! GROSS! Don't!"

... and then I looked past him and saw Marlee wearing one of my bras, posing in front of the mirror.

There is no such thing as relaxation in this house. I've come to terms with the reality that I'll have plenty of time to relax when I'm dead.

(PS Mia was already in bed asleep when this happened. Tomorrow morning is going to be smooth sailing! Hallelujah!)