Wednesday, September 25, 2013


As a child of the late 80s/early 90s, I can tell you that I was seriously excited when The Hub network started playing the old Animaniacs cartoons again. 

1. Wacko
2. Pinky & The Brain
3. My kids were impressed that I could still sing the theme song

To say the least, Animaniacs has quickly become a favorite in our house. 

Because we have it on so often, Mommy's really good at figuring out which characters my the kids are quoting when they say something off the wall. It took me by surprise this evening when I covered Miles up with a blanket and he spouted off a "Tanks, yady!", followed by insane giggles.


Tanks, yady!

Tanks, yady? Lady? Are you calling me Lady?

Yeah, yady!

Like Buttons & Mindy? 'OkayILoveYouByeBye'?

Yeaaaah! Yuv you! Buh bye! Tanks, yady, tanks!

The comedic stylings of a 3 year old, ladies and gentlemen! This fella was so stinking proud of himself and with his toddler pronunciations... I just about died in my fit of giggles!

This, guys - these little bits of playtime and conversation - that's what makes the everyday frustrations in life nothing more than a momentary inconvenience. 

... And on an ironic side note - I may have uttered the words "I prefer to be called a broad, not a lady" today. In the women's restroom.

If my baby boy tells me "Tanks, broad!" I might have to rethink my preference though.