Saturday, September 1, 2012

S Is For Slow Cooker

Friends, I have a big announcement to make: I'm on vacation!

Those 3 little words mean everything to me, and nothing to you probably, but they needed to be said. I  have absolutely no plans for the next 5 days aside from wearing clothes that don't match and indulging in fashion magazines and reruns of "The Hills" on Netflix. Oh bliss, I heart thee!

In other news...

It's been raining here for the last 24 hours. I love a good rainy fall day, but doesn't every Midwesterner? Hey there September, I've been waiting (impatiently) for your arrival!

When it's rainy, only comfort food will do. Comfort food that you toss into the slow cooker first thing in the morning so that you're freed up to be lazy for the rest of the day. I decided that today was a chicken and rice kind of day (I buy rice like I'm stocking up for the Zombie Apocalypse. Maybe I am. Don't judge me!). 

I don't think I've ever done a recipe on the ole blog, so I figured what the hey. 

  1. I use generic brands out the wazoo. For the most part, if you know how to add spices to the cheap stuff, there's absolutely zero difference. Go on and save that money!
  2. Food photos are taken with my phone. There's no flash on it - and I'm a terrible photographer. If you're hoping for beautiful culinary no.
  3. I don't measure anything like you're supposed to. I've cooked enough at this point that I know when I'm going to want more pepper or garlic, and when I'm going to omit the salt. Do what feels right when you make it. I know that not measuring drives some people crazy, so please accept this disclaimer as my apology!
  4. As soon as I finished putting everything into the pot, Chris text and asked if I wanted to go on a date tonight. I politely turned him down stating I'd just prepared this meal in the slow cooker. You guys, I basically traded a date so that you could get this recipe. 
Slow Cooker Chicken and Rice

2.5 lbs chicken (I used leg quarters, bone-in, with the skin on)

2 cups uncooked white long grain rice

1 cup water

1 10.5 oz can cream of chicken soup

1 10.5 oz can chicken gravy

1 cup French fried onions

Alexander's Bread Dip Seasonings 'Sicilian Blend' (dried roasted garlic, salt, onion, bell pepper, tomato), to taste (Or whatever blend of seasonings you want to use)

A palm full of ground black pepper

I didn't wipe the counter before I took a pic. Keepin' it real, ya'll!

 This recipe is so easy...You're welcome in advance! 

Start off by dumping the rice and the French fried onions into the slow cooker, giving it a little stir so that the onions will help flavor the rice. Then add in your water.

Next place your chicken directly on top of the rice and onions. My chicken was frozen rock-solid and didn't want to fit into the pot. Naturally, I got out a giant knife and hacked the crap out of it like I was dismembering a cadaver... Anyway... 

Once your chicken all fits in the slow cooker, pour the can of cream of chicken (it's up to you whether you dilute the CoC, I don't) and the can of gravy over the top of it.

After you've coated the chicken nicely, you'll add in the spices. I don't measure this at all. I coat it all over and I coat it thickly as if it were Shake 'n Bake. More spice = more flavor!

When you're satisfied with your amount of spice, add in a hand full of pepper and distribute all around the slow cooker. In my opinion, chicken and rice should be peppery. That's how my mama made it, that's how it has to be!

After you've added your pepper, plop the lid on that baby and find something unproductive to occupy your time while it cooks. For frozen chicken like mine, cook on HIGH for 4-5 hours. If you're responsible enough to have your chicken thawed beforehand, cook on LOW for 6-8 hours.

Served with sweet potatoes and garlic-cheese biscuits. My photos are horrible.
Bon Appetit! Enjoy the weekend, everyone!