Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vacation By Numbers

You know how you inherit certain skills from your parents? Mom's calculation proficiency went straight to Jimmy, while I lucked out. I landed the creative gene (a little gift from the Old Man) and enjoy a good project. 

Despite being a number flunky, I enjoy a good list of statistics just as much as the next busybody. For that reason, I'm going to break my little vacation down for you all into simple numbers. 

5 (boxes) hauled to the trash from the garage yesterday.

911 (call) made Monday when I thought someone was robbing the new neighbor's house... it was the new neighbor, oops...

2 (A.M.) was when Chris started shampooing the carpet last night.

18 (pairs) fit on the shoe rack I installed on Sunday. It seems I need more shoe racks.

7 (indecent exposures) involving Miles looking for a phone in my bra. Thanks, Granny, for that gem...

2 (handfuls) of sand were brought inside the girls' bedroom last night by Marlee.

4 (sets of bowels) regretted eating Burger King for lunch yesterday. 

9 (months) my camera charger was missing. I found it and I'm so happy I could do (er, try) a cartweel!

5 (quarters), 1 (dime), 7 (nickels), 2 (pennies) found when we moved the couch to vacuum. And a cashew.

1 (time) Chris decided to body slam me on the trampoline and put his balls on my face. Not. Funny. At. All.

12 (hours) passed before the kids tore a hole in the sheets on their new hand-me-down bunk beds.

8 (bags) of clothes in the back of the MomMobile ready to be donated to someone else.

125 (percent) enlargement was used when tracing each kiddo's photo silhouette from the computer to paper.

4 (months) after the trampoline was assembled, we got around to putting the safety enclosure together.

3 (conversations) took place regarding me wanting a police scanner for my birthday. 

159.99 (dollars) is how much a pull down staircase ala Christmas Vacation would cost for our attic.

1 (false) UFO sighting made by Mia. "Mom I see a UFO! See it blinking?" - her. "Sis that's an airplane... Don't freak me out like that!" - me.

13 (loads) of laundry waiting for me to wash them... *whistles guiltily*

Every minute of the last few days has been absolutely worth it. Good for the family, good for the house, and way good for my soul. I do believe I'll be doing this again someday.

(P.S. - Apparently, I cuss a lot less when I'm on vacation too. Who'da thunk it?!)