Thursday, July 12, 2012

Transients, Come On Down To Cass County

I remembered tonight that I forgot my blog's first birthday. I missed it by a week...

So in the words of the one and only Grandma Joy, "Happy, happy birthday, baby!"  

(I promise, I'm a better mother than blogger.)

Does an event like this call for a rundown of all the events that happened over the course of the year? Probably, but I've been reading these blogs lately where the writers don't ramble on and on with their posts and the writing is still entertaining. Let's try that and see how it works out.


Yesterday I had an interesting morning... 

How so? Guess who spent two hours making certified mail envelopes and stuffing them with letters. If you guessed me, high five yourself because you are absolutely correct!

It really wasn't too bad and I found the monotony kind of enjoyable - aside from the fact that always feels the need to show off by asking me if I want them to correct all of my addresses. Yes, I meant PO Box and not P.O. Box. Smart ass. 

Something amazing caught my eye as I dropped the fruits of my labor off at the mailbox during lunch. Apparently the parking lot of Subway is now doubling as a rest area for gypsy folk.

  "You're going to get shot one of these days..." - Bossman's response to my RAD photo
 I don't really know if this gypsy was passed out or dead, but his eyes were definitely closed. The life of a ramblin' man is exhausting I guess.


Tomorrow is Denim Friday! Rock your finest jorts (unless that's a dress code violation or a personal rule that you refuse to bend on)!