Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Was a Good Day

Here's a little fun fact: Tuesday is my favorite day of the week.

I read somewhere once that it's the most productive day of the week, and I've tried to make myself live up to the finding ever since. Am I always at my absolute most productive on Tuesdays? No. Do I wake up on Tuesdays brimming with ambition and optimism? For the most part, yes.

This Tuesday, while very productive, was just one of those days where things agitated me. You know the phrase 'boiling mad'? That's how I feel sometimes - I don't want to be the person with the bad attitude, so I let the irritation simmer off and on all day until I reach my boiling point and whistle to signal that I'm done with the bullshit.

Little things, all day long and for what? Absolutely nothing that will matter when I wake up on Wednesday. 

A few of the high points of my Tuesday:
  • My lawn and most of the land in town has turned from boring beige to gorgeous green in a little over a week. I've said it once, I'll say it a million times - nothing makes me love my hometown more than seeing all of that green in the spring!
  • Jimmy bought me a slice of deliciously greasy breakfast pizza this morning. I ate half of it, made him finish the rest, and then chased it with a handful of gummy worms. Breakfast of champions!
  • Getting the chance to work closely with someone that I don't know very well. It's nice to hear great things about someone and then have them live up to their reputation of fabulosity!
  • Granny came to town for lunch today and blasted Kenny Chesney in the mini-van to irritate a man blaring rap music from his Grand Am. Oh Granny, you feisty little rebel!
  • Heard this on the radio for the first time. I want to hate John Mayer, but I can't help myself. Is that a mom thing, or an almost 30 thing? Either way, I'm digging this!
  • Daddy took the kids outside to play when I got home and I joined them about 10 minutes later. Is there anything better than sitting in your kitchen, listening to the love of your life race your babies around the house? I doubt it. Hello 80 degree day in March, we've been waiting patiently!
  • After living in this house for 8 years with my one pitiful peony bush and a sad little single daffodil, I broke down and planted 20 irises and 6 peonies today. That big bare spot in the front yard'll still hold us back from the 'Best Lawn On the Block' title, but the flowers will hopefully give my kids a glimpse of what Granny & PaPa's yard looked like when I was a little girl. It was beautiful and smelled like heaven. All I'm missing is the lilac bush, and by God, I'ma have me a damn lilac bush!
  • I ate a peanut butter & marshmallow fluff sandwich while supper was cooking. It can most accurately be described as eating a peanut butter and marshmallow rainbow. Try it - unless you're allergic to peanuts. Then um...avoid that shit...
  • Having a conversation with the hubs where I was completely justified in using the phrase "Sure, maybe she's right but at least I don't have wrinkly 60 year old cleavage and a turkey gobbler to match. Karma's a bitch, and that bitch deserves it." So, satisfying; you have no idea!
What does all of this mean to you? Probably nothing. I sound like a crazy lady, but you're all most likely used to that at this point.

What does it mean to me? Today was still a good day, and tomorrow will be better. 

Sometimes I have to remind myself of these things.


  1. If you want a lilac bush I know where you can dig one up! And that guy next to us at Sonic deserved what I gave him, hahahah! ((big hugs)) baby girl, keep smiling, mamma told you there'd be days like these! xoxox

  2. Least you had Marlee to keep you company while you wrote this!

  3. To me, this post means you share my sense of humour, which I find comforting- I'm not the only one out there! Love these little snippets of your life. We loved the beautiful weather up here today as well, and I agree about the sound of a Dad playing with kids. :)


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