Saturday, March 3, 2012

Food Fixes Everything

Last night I decided to check out some sites that give you writing prompts based on the day of the week. Needless to say, I didn't write last night. It happens...

Today's prompt is from The One-Minute Writer and the prompt is TOOL: What's the most useful tool you own? Well, I'm sure all tools are useful, we just rarely use them obviously

Think, brain, think! What tool do I use more than any other? Food. Definitely food.

Food fixes everything...

If I'm happy, I'm going to spoil my family with a four course home cooked supper. 

If I'm feeling lazy, there's always frozen pizza. 

Running late to something or worried you're way too early? Head to the drive through for a quick meal or a cup of coffee.

And if someone dies? Evidently you can make their family happy again simply by bringing them a casserole.

Food can bring people together - "It's a potluck! Just bring a covered dish!"

Food can help you avoid someone you'd rather not see - "Oh a clam bake? Yeah, I'm allergic to shellfish...I know - bummer, right?!"

The sight or smell of certain foods can transport you to another time. I remember making homemade sweet pickles and peanut butter cookies with my Grandma Joy when I was a little girl. The sight of either immediately takes me back.

Maybe it's a song that connects you to a delicious treat? If you don't get all excited when you hear the ice cream man coming up the road, you're probably a total butthole.

 Don't forget, food is always a good excuse for your wrong-doings:

"If I hadn't eaten an entire chocolate cake, my ass wouldn't be this big..."

"Um...well, yeah, so I had this Mexican food for lunch and I'm going to have to leave early today..."

"They might not be ready for bed. I kind of gave them Kool Aid about an hour ago..."

Hell, eating the right foods might can even fix that pesky gout you suffer from (black cherries), prevent heartburn (jelly beans) , or fingers crossed to ward off vampires (garlic).

Eat up...and keep the hammer somewhere the kids can't reach it.


  1. I love this! If you stop and think about it.....Food has fixed many things in my world. The memories of foods shared with certain people always makes me smile! Each hold a special place in both my heart & my palate!

  2. Love this! Totally agree. Who doesn't enjoy a hot bowl of soup when they're feeling under the weather? And when you add a gooey grilled cheese sammich to it you can't help but feel better! Great job, Jen. :)

  3. love it!!! You are so right!!! It was a red velvet cake for me!

  4. Very true! I also love your use of photos in your posts...need to start doing that more!

  5. There are very few things in life that chocolate can't fix!


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