Friday, August 1, 2014

Sincere Apologies, DQ Cashier

CASHIER: So I have one pork tenderloin combo with mushrooms and one Flamethrower cheeseburger combo with mushrooms, is that right?

ME: Yep!

CASHIER: Ok, your total will be $16.08. Is this going to be for here or to go?

ME: (while digging out my debit card) We're going to eat here.

At this point, the teenage cashier looks up and acknowledges Chris with a polite smile. Chris's response ruined the entire perfectly normal interaction...

CHRIS: (loudly as I'm paying for our lunch) Since you're buying me lunch, does that mean that I have to put out now tonight?

ME: (through clenched teeth) Oh. My. God. WOULD YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

CHRIS: (to the cashier, complete with an awkward wave) Have a nice day!

Yes, young Dairy Queen cashier - that moment was completely mortifying for both of us, and yes, he's always that embarrassing. I'm really sorry, honey!