Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gold Medal

{This post is brought to you by Netflix, All words, photos, 
and opinions are mine and do not reflect those of my sponsor.}

First off, if there is anyone - ANYONE - who can come over right this minute and make my kids go to sleep, get on it! 

Second... ugh... has February been a real pain in the butt for everyone else? As of today, everyone in our house has spent a day barfing all over. Not conveniently though - oh no! We couldn't be so lucky as to have all 5 of us get sick in one weekend. 

Once every 4 days or so, a member of our family completely loses their stomach contents for roughly 12 hours and then is just fine by the next day. It's not so bad AS LONG EVERYONE IS COMPLETELY OVER IT! 

I'll let you know when we hit that point... we ain't there yet, folks...

In a rare moment of wellness, we headed to the Kansas City World of Wheels on Sunday afternoon to support PaPa and all of the awesome people in the Shrunken Hedz Car Club. Through the auctions on their pin striping pieces, the club raised $11,000 for the Kansas City Dream Factory - amazing!

Also pretty cool? Laura Marano of 'Ausin & Ally' was at the World of Wheels show! You know we got pictures!

My favorite car? The Smokey & the Bandit Trans Am - obviously. "Hard not to smile when you're lookin' at that car, isn't it?" - random old dude to Chris as I did a happy dance when we spotted it. 

Chris's favorite car? The Back To The Future Delorean - obviously. "Look, Babe! It's even got a flux-capacitor!"  - Mr. Geek Squad himself. (Flux capacitor immediately brings to mind acid reflux. This is my adult life, and it's very, very sad.)

Mainly though between the sickness and the cold weather, we've been camped out in front of the TV either glued to Netflix or watching the Sochi Olympics.

I'm not, by any means, an athletic or competitive person as you all know, but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy watching them!

ME: "What's that ski thing that everyone's afraid of this year?"
CHRIS: "What?"
ME: "That one Shaun White wouldn't compete in? It was too dangerous? The slippy slope?"
CHRIS: "Ugh...SLOPE. STYLE. Jen, it's called slopestyle. And actually Shaun White is snowboarding."
ME: "It's the same thing."
CHRIS: "Not at all. It's actually a completely different event."

CHRIS: "Babe, please stop announcing louder than the announcers. Please."
ME: "I know what's going on. This is figure skating. Plus, you like my Russian announcer voice - don't lie!"
CHRIS: "You really missed your calling in life. If you'd lived in Russia and were RUSSIAN..."
ME: "Holy crap!!!! IS THAT SCOTT HAMILTON SPEAKING? Chris, he's the king of the back flip! Do you even realize that? HE'S A CANCER SURVIVOR!!!!"
CHRIS: "... never mind..."

ME: "Aw I like him. Bode. He has a name like someone who could be your friend. Bo-deeee."
CHRIS: *spouting off career stats about Bode Miller while I continue rambling*
ME: "I'll bet he would be fun. I'd hang out with him and that guy from slippy slope. Sage. They'd be so fun together."
CHRIS: "You're basing this off of interesting names aren't you?"
ME: "I'm not going to answer that..."

And apparently there are quite a few Canadian athletes from Regina, Saskatchewan. Regina rhymes with vagina. Giggle, giggle, giggle. Ugh, grow up Jennifer...

The kiddos? They're digging the Olympics too:

Can any of you say - honestly - that you aren't obsessed with Johnny & Tara right now (and forever)? I didn't think so!

If you haven't trained hard enough to recreate the Olympics in your own home, sit the kiddos down and check out a few of the sports-themed movies on Netflix right now:

Then head over to Common Sense Media and share these great tips on sportsmanship!

PS: Netflix also sent a few Valentines to our house to help celebrate the release of two series on February 14! 

And welcome, back for season 2 House of Cards

Tomorrow? Family photos... we've safely removed the temporary tattoo from Miles's cheek, but there's really no fixing the big cut on his chin. 

Perfectly, imperfect!