Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Totally Traditional Helga

You guys, look at Helga...

I might be a tad bit biased, but I think she's completely adorable in her Christmas sweater. Sure she hates the sweater, but it's my job as her human to make sure she's warm. So, Christmas sweater it is!

Recently, the fam and I were invited to enter Airheads Candy's "Non-Traditional Holiday Contest" - judged by Chef Duff Goldman of Ace of Cakes fame - for a chance to win (drumroll please.......) A YEAR'S SUPPLY OF AIRHEADS! 

"Hi, my name is Jen and I love candy more than I love my 3 children..."

Juuuust kidding! I do love candy a whole butt-load, but my kids are a 1/2 notch above the sugar. WHEN THEY'RE BEHAVING!

Naturally, if we have candy in this house, it's here for a very short time because nom nom nom. That being said, Granny and I made a trip to the local Sam's Club on Sunday and picked up a bulk box of Airheads bars for our project. Then we came home and hid that bad boy in a spot the kids couldn't reach!

(FYI a big kid box of Airheads runs about $10 at Sam's and you get 90 bars. It's a pretty sweet deal. Oh, snap! Pun!)

We decided that Helga, queen of the dramatic miniature Dachshunds, would be our inspiration for the contest. Obviously we had no choice, guys. One look at what Mar describes as "dowes sad puppy eyes" and she had us convinced that she was the ultimate muse. Her likeness must be created using delicious fruit candy as the medium.

We happened to have a half busted (this is why we can't have nice things) Dachshund figurine, and the rules state that you only have to use one piece of Airheads candy for your entry. The bust was black though and that just wouldn't do our brown puppy justice.

Brown = green, red, orange, and purple Airheads melted together
To start off, we melted green, red, orange, and purple Airheads together in a large stock pot before spreading it onto wax paper and rolling it with a rolling pin. A few key points to remember: stir that stuff like crazy or it will burn, and yes, it sticks to EVERYTHING!

Thank you for rolling, Granny!
Tearing bits of the newly brown Airhead apart, we molded the candy onto our wiener dog until she was covered. Then we added blue, red, and green Airheads - cut with a pizza cutter - to the torso to create a dog sweater.

Notice the texture in  the ears? It's because Helga's a long-haired
Dachshund. And because smoothing candy is a tricky process!
Once our form was completely covered, we used the white Mystery flavor Airheads to make eyes with little green pupils and a red Airhead for the puppy tongue!

I'd love to say that the kiddos helped on this, but really, all they did is get all hopped up on sugar and run circles around the kitchen! Chris and Granny worked really hard on the brown while I did the sweater. To be honest, this wasn't the simplest project but we had a freaking blast doing it! So. Much. Laughter.

The one person in House Palis who wasn't enthusiastic about the end result?

She's an unappreciative little thing, isn't she?!

Oh, and guess who else is invited to enter the contest? You, ya lucky S.O.B. so head on over to the Airheads Candy Facebook page and upload your entry photo anytime between now and December 16.