Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mean People Suck

{This post is brought to you by Netflix}

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Netflix in regards to being a member of their bloggers Stream Team program.

Accepting the invitation was pretty much a no-brainer for me because we have Netflix Kids streaming on at least three devices in our house at any given time! Write about something my family already can't function without? Done! 

Oh, and did I mention that they sent me a cute little Apple TV to complete the package? Well they did (and yes, I had to Google 'what is an Apple TV' before I accepted) and it's insanely easy to use - even for me!

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and as a reformed mean girl myself, I really feel that it's important to teach my kids that you get more joy from life by being kind than from making others hurt. You give to give, with no expectations and you do so simply because you want to. 

In keeping with the October theme we sat down for a family movie night last night to watch Disney's Hercules. Remember the bully in this classic? Hades. THAT'S RIGHT - ONE OF THE MOST OMINOUS EVIL VILLAIN NAMES IN DISNEY MOVIE HISTORY!

Everyone - including Chris - was shocked that I knew the words to this. I've said it once, I've said it a million times - I'm a musical savant, friends! The girls were completely entranced by the movie with full on giggles at Pegasus, scrunched up disgusted noses when Meg & Hercules fall in love, and of course stern looks of disapproval when Hades acts like a big jerk. 

Tonight we sat down and we had our anti-bullying talk, and honestly it kind of broke my heart...

ME: Guys, what's a bully?
MIA: Somebody who's always mean.
MARLEE: A big kid what is aw-ways reewy mean to you.

ME: And who was the bully in 'Hercules'?
MIA: The bad guy with the blue fire hair.
MAR: Hey! Mia I was gonna say dat!

ME: Have you ever been bullied?
MIA: Yes. One time last year at recess, me and my friend were playing on the see-saw and another kid came and told me that I had to get off because I was too fat and it was too much weight for the see-saw.
ME: Whaaaaat? When was this? Who was this kid?!
MIA: Mommy...
ME: Ugh! I'm sorry, I won't flip out. What did you do about this kid bullying you?
MIA: I told the teacher and she said right away, "That's mean! I'm going to go talk to him right now!" and then it made me feel better but not because he was getting in trouble, just 'cuz the teacher was going to ask him not to hurt my feelings anymore.

ME: Mar, have you ever been bullied?
MAR: Nope! Neva!
ME: Are you a bully?
MAR: Sometimes I am to Mia.
ME: How do you bully Mia?
MAR: I say mean tings to huh sometimes... yike... I call huh a poopy head and I say she smewz yike a sack of butt cheeks.
ME: And does that hurt Mia's feelings?
MAR: Yes and den I say 'sowwy' 'cuz it makes me feew bad when I hurt Mia's feelings.
ME: Right and nobody feels good when they make someone else feel bad.

ME: Why shouldn't you be a bully?
MIA: Because sometimes when someone is getting bullied, they will think it's ok for them to be a bully too and it's not ok. It's never ok.

Mia is 8 years old and she already can pinpoint a moment when she's been bullied. Isn't she too little for that?

And for future reference to the child who hurt my girl's feelings making comments about her weight: let me know when your birthday is, I'll make you something delicious and we'll see how easily you fit on the see-saw, kiddo. Mia's mom doesn't mess around with hippie food!

With that being said, I'm out for the night, friends. I have a glass of wine calling my name, but first I need to tuck my sweeties in and turn Phineas & Ferb on the Netflix in their room. 

Good night and be nice tomorrow!