Monday, October 21, 2013

From The Creative Minds of Babes...

The PTO at Mia's school is having a contest to come up with a new T-shirt design. 

My girl, budding little artist that she is, is very excited to enter. So excited, in fact, that she worked on her design today.

For those readers who aren't immediate members of our local community, the district is called Sherwood (as in the Sherwood Forest, ala Robin Hood) and the mascot is the Marksman (an archer). 

And for those who are new to the blog - Mia (age 8) is my good kid: polite, sensitive, NEVER says bad words or anything remotely close to a bad word. She could also care less about archers - she's really REALLY in to ponies, so what did she draw? She drew a pony and one hell of a slogan to go along with it...

'If you don't go to Sherwood, buck off!!!'

If I were a judge, this baby would have 1st place written all over it, but there's a reason that moms like me aren't a member of the PTO!

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