Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bonding Over Gravy

When you were in school, did you hate school lunch? If you did, I pity you because lunch at my school was awesome. Luckily for Mia, it's still awesome and this conversation from last night proves it.

ME: Sis, what'd you have for lunch today?

MIA: Chicken.

ME: What kind of chicken? Chicken nuggets or chicken patty?

MIA: Chicken patty!

ME: Ooh! With mashed potatoes and gravy?

MIA: Yes!

ME: The yellow gravy?! You know I love the yellow gravy!

MIA: No, the white gravy!

ME: Ugh... with hot rolls?

MIA: Yep! And butter!

ME: Did you take half of the butter and put it in your potatoes?

MIA: No, I put half on my roll and a little blob on top of my chicken so it got all melty!

ME: Oh yum! Gosh I miss school lunch!

MIA: Mommy, it's kind of funny that you remember everything they serve...

Seriously though, that yellow gravy is the stuff dreams are made of - not quite 'cinnamon roll on taco salad day' dreams, or 'toasted cheese sandwich on soup day' dreams, but still fantastic!