Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sweating To The Oldies

I have vivid memories from my childhood where I'm sitting in the dining room floor playing Barbies while my mom and Richard Simmons did "25 minutes of low impact aerobics!!!!" 

Image: Fameflynet Pictures via Buzzfeed
Half consumed with deciding how to set up Barbie's RV, and half amazed by Richard's super short shorts, I'd watch my mom and giggle at her sweet workout moves. "And Windy has wings to fly...above the clouds..." - complete with faux wing flapping.

Guys, my mom now owns the DVD! 

MOM: Hey do you want to work out with me on the days I babysit?

ME: Sure, what are you doing?

MOM: I got a new 'Sweatin To The Oldies' DVD!!!

ME: Oh. My. God. What songs are on it?

MOM: Fever... My Boyfriend's Back... RESPECT...

ME: Wait... is it the same one you had when I was a kid?

MOM: Yes!

ME: Hell yes I'll work out with you!

She brought her DVD over tonight. We worked out and the kids attempted to join in (by attempted, I mean ran in circles and rolled across the couch).

Low impact aerobics? I'm really out of shape. Thank you, self, for remembering to close the curtains before embarrassment commenced! 

I guess it's true, at some point every adult does something that they made fun of their parents for doing - and enjoys every minute of it.

We'll be working out again tomorrow night and yes, my shorts are longer than Richard's. His legs are way nicer than mine though, and if we're being honest here, I'd wear hot pants too if I had legs like his.