Monday, October 15, 2012

Election 2012: Q & A With the Girls

Hey there strangers!

Long story short, I've been lazy lately and haven't written anything. I'd love to say that it's be cause I've been super productive, but I haven't. Just lazy - plain and simple!

Mia asked me the other day if I was still writing the ole blog and requested that maybe I could just write about something fun that I do with the kids someday. Well, this was pretty fun!

Who is the President?
MIA Barack Obama
MAR Bama! Mrs. Davis has a Bama sign!

Who is the vice President?
MIA I don't really know. Joe Bite!
MAR Biting...

Where does the President live and what does his house look like?
MIA It would be a really cool house... um... in America. The ... white? house? Besides, white is a color in the American flag.
MAR If I was pwesident my house would be behind your house and it would be rainbow cuhyared!

What's the First Lady's name?
MIA It was rather... Melissa or Michelle.
MAR (I told her the First Lady is like the princess of the USA) There's lots of princesses! Um Bowie. I think we should name huw Bowie.

Who is Mommy voting for?
MIA Maybe Granny?
MAR I don't know...Wrong Paul? Who is Wrong Paul? (Thanks for that one Granny! For the record, I'm not voting for Ron Paul!)

What day do you vote?
MIA Maybe when you're 22. This year.
MAR Wednesday. This day when we go to the pahk.

How do you vote for the President?
MIA Maybe you have to sign a paper. Get a ticket and hold it up high and it says who you want for President.
MAR Um... Bowie, vote for huw.

What does the President do all day at work?
MIA Work! Um maybe papers that are really important.
MAR Well I sometimes dance and what do you fink he does? Dance? Do his jobs!

What does the President to do to have fun?
MIA Um maybe if he has a day off, he could go to the beach!He could surf!
MAR Cuhwuring is fun! He maybe cuhwuhs fwowers for his wife. Fwowers are pretty!

What is the President going to be for Halloween?
MAR I fhink he should be a werewoof. Or he could be a horse!
MIA Marlee no! It's my turn! I think, maybe ... he should be... a superhero - OR A MAD SCIENTIST!

That's all for tonight! This kitchen isn't going to clean itself and the kids are being good so I can't make them do it as punishment!

(And, shout out to Miss Presley! Hope these made you giggle, pretty girl!)