Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday (In Parentheses)

Sunday has been a pretty good day (good enough that I finally changed out of my sweats and slippers and into jeans... and slippers).

My children had cupcakes for breakfast (store bought, of course).

I told myself I'd do the laundry and dishes first thing (oh self, you're such a kidder).

Instead, I made the beds and watched half of a Hallmark movie (on the lower bunk in the girls' room while they watched A.N.T. Farm in my room).

Mia spent the afternoon with her dad (which led to a Marlee meltdown featuring hatred towards everything from Walmart to ponytails to itchy socks).

Walmart was its usual helpful, welcoming, money-sucking self (where the fuck do they keep the cotton balls in that place because they're NOT right next to the Q-tips).

No, we didn't buy any strawberries or salad mix (hey there diabetes, we loaded up on Dum Dum suckers and potato chips).

A quick stop at Sonic for half-priced Happy Hour drinks (yes, Mar, I am almost too big to squeeze between the car door and the menu when you open your door after I've asked you 62 times not to).

A sweet little fella decided it was nap time on the drive home (and spilled half of his cherry limeade all over the seat).

Our neighbor Jack stopped us as we pulled into the drive and asked to buy one of the 3 pumpkins in front of the house ("I'm sure you'll be back at Walmart at least once before Halloween!" Jack, I'll be back at least 3 times...).

Sis came home ready to collect her prize from the store (Novi Star dolls: I broke the head off of Marlee's while taking it out of the box, and then pulled the hair off of Mia's when we opened it).

My guilty conscience roped me in to washing a load of towels and slacks (a cute 4 year old couldn't be convinced that doing laundry is what grown-ups do when they want to have fun).

We had chili for supper (because it's Sunday, it's fall, and I make darn good chili, folks).

With more cupcakes for dessert (for the children, guys, only the children eat cupcakes twice a day).

Have a good week, friends (seriously)!