Saturday, May 31, 2014

Priorities, Ladies, Priorities...

We're leaving for vacation on Monday, guys! Woo hoo!

Oh, just a week away from home with 9 kids, no big deal... Yes, I'm familiar with filling a hotel sink with ice to cool off your alcohol thank you very much! (Calm down, calm down - it's for medicinal purposes...)

If you're wondering if we're going to Branson again, you're absolutely right! White trash Vegas, baby!

Anywho! We were gathering up travel gear this morning when I over heard this little gem from Mia:

GRANNY: You taking your wallet, Sis?

MIA: Yep! It fits right in the purse Mommy got me!

GRANNY: What do you put in your wallet usually? It's empty.

MIA: (opening the wallet and pointing to various compartments) Oh well, I don't put an ID in there like you're supposed to - I put in a My Little Pony card instead. In here, I'll put my birthday money. Then here - in here I usually put some sequins. You know - just in case I need them.

GRANNY: Ah... yeah, I got ya...

See that? She's 9 and already knows that a smart woman always packs sequins "just in case".

I love her to pieces!


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