Thursday, May 1, 2014

I Maury'd My Son Tonight

It's been a while since I've done the mom thing and talked about Miles's potty training progress:

  • He does really well for the most part, but he's VERY picky about choosing his own underwear!
  • Granny let him pee outside last week and it was amusing until he tried to poop in the back yard!
  • If I had a quarter for each time I've heard him say "Yook how big my weeeeen-a is", I'd be able to retire!
The low point of this whole potty training thing, is the pooping thing. He does use the toilet usually, but there are times when he just does his business in the pull up instead... and I'm not going to lie - I get about 10 kinds of pissy when he does that!

Seriously, it's so frustrating! People without kids: you will never understand the frustration of changing a crappy diaper until you think your kid's past the point of crapping in diapers.

MILES: Mommmmmeeeeeeee!!!! Me need you!

(At this point I get to his bedroom and find the door closed - a tell tale sign that he's done something he doesn't want me to know about.)

ME: Why's the door closed? Why's your TV off? 

MILES: Um... me not know...

ME: Why are you hiding in the corner? DID YOU POOP, MILES?

MILES: No! No, me not poop!

ME: Come here then - let me check... 

(Of course he's done it so we go to the bathroom to clean up.)

ME: Miles - ew! You need to poop on the potty and not in your pants!

MILES: Me not! Me not poop in mine puh-yup!

ME: You sure about that?

MILES: Me not do'yit.

ME: Really? Well the results are in and your pull up determined that was a lie...

(Blank stare. This is what happens when your kids watch cartoons all day - no appreciation for awesome pop culture references.)


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