Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Age Before Beauty

Things are basically 'take away the shoelaces because Mom's lost her mind' crazy around here right now!

Quick summary of what's up lately:
  • Mia - field trip at school and 2 trips to the principal's office. IKNOWRIGHT!!! She also turns 9 in a few weeks and it looks like we'll be having another sleepover. Have mercy...
  • Marlee - kindergarten screenings a few weeks ago and still refusing to wear pants or comb her own hair. She's the girliest hillbilly child I've ever met.
  • Miles - potty training... and he's doing really great. Also, he tried to convince me the other night that he didn't have to go to bed because Dwight from The Office said he could stay up. FALSE!
  • Chris - started a new job yesterday! Yessssssss! After so many years with Best Buy, we are SO excited for him to finally work closer to home and have the weekends off to spend together as a family!
  • Me - oh, you know - losing every bit of what little sanity I still have left. Busy at work, busy at home. Do you ever feel like you need a vacation from all adult responsibilities? Yeah, me too. Every. Single. Day.
I can tell you one thing with certainty though: the stress of every day life hasn't given me a single gray hair yet! High five on that!!!

Guess who has a few grays... my loving husband!

ME: Babe, you have gray hairs in your beard!

CHRIS: No I don't! Those are white and I've always had them. I just pull them out when I notice them.

ME: What?!

CHRIS: Yeah, they're white.

ME: Um... no. Those are gray hairs and Jesus Christ - don't you know you're not supposed to pull out a gray hair or you'll get 3 more?!

CHRIS: It's not gray, it's white like a pale blonde. Gingers don't get gray hair anyway.

ME: Right, it doesn't turn silver or gray! It turns 'white'! 'White' is the gray hair of the Ginger community! Haha!

CHRIS: It's not gray! Fucker! Besides - your hair would be gray if you didn't color it!

ME: Dude, I haven't colored my hair since September and I don't see any grays. You're just getting old!

CHRIS: Fine! Maybe you don't have any grays but I hope to God you go bald!

This, you guys - this is the foundation of a solid marriage...