Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day: Part 2

If you read yesterday's Mother's Day ode to my children, you might remember that our celebration agenda included a dish washing boycott (me), trampoline jumping (kids), and margarita drinking (both...kidding, I'm kidding). The kids did get that trampoline time, and I stood firm on my dish soap picket line. 

The margarita? That never happened. I had wine around midnight though, and here's why...

The birthday scooter AKA death trap
 Mia asked Granny & Papa for a scooter for her birthday last Wednesday. She's had one at Dad's house for a few years now, but life just wasn't complete without a scooter at Mom's house too. And so, she got a scooter.

Being the A+ mama that I am, I forgot the scooter was still in the back of my car, unopened, until yesterday when Granny came by to hang out. Granny's been recouping from tummy surgery, so we haven't got to play much lately ( i.e. my kids will most likely accidentally maim her). We opened that shiny new scooter, popped up the handlebars, and within a few minutes Sis was scooting around like a seasoned pro.

About, eh, 20 minutes in to the Garden City X Games 2012 my 'seasoned pro' made a graceful sweeping right turn and totally bit it in Jack's driveway. Stomach plant, both arms stretched out in front of her with her left hand folded oddly under her forearm. "Whaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmaaaaaa!!!!!"

I don't want to sound like an unsympathetic mother, but my oldest baby also happens to be my accident prone child, and my crier. We came inside, tears a'flowing, and began our exam of the left wrist: that sucker was huge! 

My mama instincts kicked in and I got her a few Ibuprofen and decided that we needed to ice down her wrist before rushing off to the ER. Of course, the medical ice pack was missing from the shelf in the freezer, so the sack lunch ice pack would have to do... and it did work very well once I finally pried it from the spot where it'd been solidly frozen for the last few.

By now, Sis was sweating and still howling in pain. She could raise her hand upwards, but couldn't turn it from side to side. I sent the hubs a message at work telling him what had happened and that we were icing it down. 

Minutes after sending that message, my sweet husband pulled into the driveway - he'd left work early to surprise me for Mother's Day, gifts in hand, with hopes of taking us all out for a nice supper. What a futile attempt at normalcy, right? Not in this life, pal! Not at Chez Palis! NOT ON MOTHER'S DAY!

We rounded up a few necessities (tablet, stuffed Link doll, pillow) for MiMi, and dropped the babies off with the lifesaving Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Laura, then headed to the local emergency room. 

Notice the tears and grape popsicle mustache

By the time we got there, our girl was in much better spirits, and only whimpering every once in a while. 

She brought in the dish towel that once held the ice pack, but not the ice pack itself

I signed a few releases, and after a short wait, we were led back to a room in the back. Soon after, the nurse came in and asked Mia what'd happened. 

MIA: "Well I have a little sister named Marlee...and...she... I was going to do some tricks .... my granny got me a scooter for my birthday - but not like the one at my dad's house because this one is a Razor scooter and not a Sweet Pea..."
ME (laughing): "Sis... today..."
MIA: "I fell in the driveway and hurt my wrist. I fell off my new scooter."

They left us there for awhile and we listened to Mia jabber about everything under the sun until the doctor came in and checked her out.

DR: "So you hurt your wrist, huh? What happened?"
MIA: "Well, um..."
ME: "Short version please!"
MIA: "I was doing cool tricks and I fell off of my scooter."
DR: "Oh no! That scooter sounds dangerous!"
MIA: "Yeah, I guess I shoulda waited til I was 24 or somethin to get one..."

The radiology tech came back and 'took her picture'.

XRAY: "We're going to take some pictures of your wrist, ok?"
MIA: "Ok."
XRAY: "What happened?"
MIA: "Scooter accident."

By that point, the poor kid was tired, hungry, and sleepy. She didn't care who talked to her or what they said, she just wanted to get out of there. Another 30 minutes or so went by before the doctor poked his head in and told us it was "time for show and tell" while motioning for Chris and I to follow him to the nurses station to view the X-rays.

He told us it was a radial fracture and showed us where the break was. She'd need a cast for 4-6 weeks blah blah blah...I was really distracted by this song blasting in the background

CHRIS: "Isn't this one of your jams?"
ME: "You know it's one of my freaking jams!"
DR: "Make sure she keeps it dry, elevate and ice it tonight...."

When we went back in, the nurse was putting Mia's hand in a splint and the doctor followed us in telling her that she'd be getting a cast sometime this week.

DR: "I can tell you take good care of yourself, don't you?"
MIA: "Uh huh."
DR: "Do you smoke?"
MIA: "No!"
DR: "Good...very good. Do you drink?"
MIA: "I'm only 7!"
DR: "But do you drink? I know you're 7."
MIA: "No way!"
DR: "Good girl! Now to take care of that cast..."

The doctors and nurses were great with her and she left with a smile on her face even though she was hurting. They told us to follow up with our regular doctor today for a referral to the Ortho clinic for her cast.

Because I'm ridiculous, I love to make my kids give me a thumbs up in pictures. I know they'll make fun of me someday for it.
CHRIS: "Mia, what color cast are you going to get?"
MIA: "Do they have lavender? I think I want lavender, Mom!"
ME: "Probably, sis. They probably have lavender."

We made a pit stop at McDonald's afterward for her, and one at Sonic for Mommy & Daddy. 

CHRIS: "This is a special Mother's Day dinner, babe."
ME: "Shut up. Just shut up."

After picking up the little ones, we came home to a destroyed house and were glad to help everyone into bed. Two hours went by without incident. It was blissful to just sit and not think for awhile after such a long day.

And then...we heard Marlee scream. For only the second time in her potty-trained existence, Boo had peed the bed. Our bed. We'd had her sleep in our bed so that Mia would be comfortable in her room. Sheets were stripped off, pee soaked jammies were changed. Screaming/stinky middle child was soothed and cleaned up. Then everything was calm again and I had that much deserved glass of wine.

We got her cast put on today, and she'll keep it until June 12. They gave her white. Plain, boring white.

"I tried to do a real good smile, Mommy!"
Of course we doctored it up.

Yes, that IS a brand new necklace featuring a rhinestone pegasus! Thanks for noticing!
I'm going to guess that she's the first little girl in the history of little girls with a broken wrist to cover her cast in Hello Kitty duct tape. Girlfriend is rockin' that cast, and she's even got a few signatures already - starting with Uncle Jimmy.

He said his signature would take up the entire cast. It didn't. What. A. Liar.
I'm sure she'll have plenty more by the time it comes off.

The big black spot is Marlee's contribution. She says it's a butt.

If you don't mind, leave a message for Mia in the comments section - like a virtual signature for her Hello Kitty cast.

I know she'll get a kick out of it, and it would mean a lot!


  1. Kristi Elliott PerezMay 14, 2012 at 10:55 PM

    Mia, you are totally rockin the Hello Kitty cast! You are so tough to be in pain and still show us all a beautiful smile! :)

  2. Mimi, I'm sorry I bought you a Razor Scooter for your year maybe we should stick to just the practical gifts.... jewelry, clothes, shoes, and makeup! I love you gorgeous! <3 Granny!

  3. Now why The hell have i never seen this "Hello Kitty" duct tape??? Without adventure For Granny would not be a Miles day! lol Glad Mia is ok and Glad you got a glass of wine :)

  4. Daddy
    Hope you get better fast! You were really brave and tuff and daddy was very proud love you Mia

  5. To my favorite little person. Pretty cool hello kitty cast. You are still so beautiful. Love you Whitney

  6. You're so brave Mia. I love your Hello Kitty cast. Even when you're hurting your sweetness shines through. You take care and know that grandpa Tom and I love you.

  7. Sorry you broke your arm. Why do they give pretty girls plain white casts? Love what you did to yours-bet no one else has one like.
    Aunt Robin

  8. You're rockin' that Hello Kitty Cast! You gotta be stylin' even if injured - plain is for losers! Hope you heal quickly and enjoy your summer otherwise. Gari (momma's cousin)

  9. hello mia this is donna mae i am friends with your grandma and grandpa I am sorry you broke your arm but we will pray it heals really fast... and by the way that is the best lookin cast i have ever seen.. you be careful and get well really quick so you can get back to your summer vacation..

  10. Hey Jen, how's Mia doing? I've tagged you! To see what I mean, please visit :)

  11. Razor scooters are the devil. Best use of duct tape EVER. Poor baby. ):


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